Palettensicherung Dehnband Box

The sangrip® Non-Slip Strip provides amazing grip for packages that can easily slip and slide.
European Patent No. 2130775

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A Small Strip – But What an Impact

The strip fits and sits exactly wherever grip is required: Between smooth surfaces and at uneven edges. Every single strip is so light and easy to use, ensuring you avoid the use of expensive packaging materials when securing goods in the warehouse.

Palettensicherung Kisten
Palettensicherung Kanister
Palettensicherung Faesser

One Small Strip – One Great Innovation

sangrip® is available in differing widths and cuts of various lengths, permitting you to use and integrate it optimally into your working operations.

sangrip® - The Special Plus for You in the Warehouse

Your Safety Plus

High, smooth stacks of packages
are no longer a potential source
of danger.

Your Quality Plus

The products and goods remain in perfect condition without any damage.

Your Time Plus

So fast and easy to use.

Your Environmental Plus

Costly packaging materials for transport are kept to a minimum.

“How do you transport stacks of goods from A to B in the simplest and most cost effective way? Well we believe that with sangrip® we now have a convincing solution to your requirements here.”

Klaus Grahlher, Managing Director

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