Palettensicherung Dehnband Box

The Sanpack original. Developed and patented in 1994.

sanstrap® Stretchbands are the secure and cost-effective alternative to stretch wrap, adhesive tape, rubber bands, wrapping bands, pack twine and all the rest.

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Bands that hold everything in place.

sanstrap® for all your internal transport and logistical operations.
The elastic stretchbands keep all kinds of packaged goods safe and secure.

Palettensicherung Kisten
Palettensicherung Kanister
Palettensicherung Faesser

No More Wobbling and Slipping

Sanstrap Dehnband

Secure and Slip-proof

Its enormous tensile strength and excellent elasticity are what make sanstrap® the clever assistant in warehouse operations.

No Damage to Your Packaged Goods

Your advantage compared to adhesive tape: The packaging and labels are not damaged.

Less Waste

With sanstrap® up to 90% less waste is produced in comparison to conventional stretch wrap.

So Easy to Use

Using sanstrap® is child's play and lots of fun too – with no extra equipment required.

“ We took the routine work in a warehouse and developed sanstrap directly in line with this. You can really see the benefits of the stretchbands quickly once you've tried them out yourself. Test our products yourself - you won't want to do without them ever again.”
Florian Lohss, Managing Director
Florian Lohss

Sanstrap® Really Is so Easy to Use


Pull the stretchband from the roll and tear it off at the perforated seam.


Pre-stretch sanstrap® a little and open the band to form a loop.


Now simply stretch the band around the packaged goods.


And you are finished. Quickly stretched and just as quickly secured.


Always the Right Stretchband at Hand

sanstrap® is available in a range of differing widths, lengths and properties. We offer eco-friendly and material-saving product versions made of BioPE and other versions with special properties, such as an anti-static surface. All sanstrap® products are made in Germany.

More than 60 Years Experience and Global Sales.

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