Questions & Answers

How high are the efficiency benefits in everyday operations with sanstrap® stretchbands?

sanstrap® stretchbands have been designed specifically to make routine storage and warehousing operations simpler, more flexible and more efficient. In just a few easy steps, just about every package can be quickly secured. And that without any of the disadvantages of the other systems available, such as for instance rubber bands, adhesive tape or strapping bands, pack twine, cord or stretch and shrink wrap. These are far more awkward to use when securing the packaged items or removing them, can damage the goods to some extent and some of them are more expensive to buy or require special waste disposal.

But with sanstrap® stretchbands this is not so: Just a short and simple process is required:

1. Pull the sanstrap® from the roll.
2. Tear off the stretchband at the perforated seam.
3. Open the sanstrap® to form a loop and pre-stretch it a little
4. Simply stretch the band around the packaged goods.
5. Finished.

sanstrap® can be removed as quickly as it is secured – without leaving any residue on the goods.