Questions & Answers

What are the different kinds of sanstrap® stretchbands?

sanstrap® stretchbands are available in a range of differing widths, lengths and colours, as well as with other properties. In this way you always have the right stretchband at hand for every packing task or item to be wrapped. And if you are looking for options beyond the solutions provided here, we are more than pleased to help you: Simply contact us and tell us your requirements.

sanstrap® standard products

1. The Multi-talent
100 × 1,200mm
Our basic product for securing a range of differing packed items on euro and industrial pallets.

2. The Middleweight
150 × 1,200mm
The ideal solution for moderately heavy packages and those in non-standard sizes on euro and industrial pallets.

3. The Heavyweight
200 × 1,200mm
To stabilise and secure drums and heavy goods effortlessly.

4. The All-rounder
100 × 600mm
When you need to secure smaller containers as well as quarter and half pallets.

sanstrap® products with properties for special applications

sanstrap® xxl – The Champion
100 × 1,400mm
For the stabilisation of packed items under harder transport conditions thanks to its extremely high load and weight capacity.

sanstrap® soft – The Lightweight
100 × 900mm
Ideal for when you need to secure small and lighter items and protect edges of loads.

sanstrap® Elcon Anti-static
For securing and protecting fragile packages of all types: For example sensitive electronic components or chemicals and other easily inflammable products.