Questions & Answers

Which packaged goods can be secured with sanstrap® stretchbands?

Practically all packaged items can be secured with sanstrap® stretchbands. These include cardboard boxes of all sizes, as well as all kinds of plastic crates, canisters, bottle crates, sacks, barrels, etc. Items with sharp edges as well as very thin sheets, such as veneer, boards, metal sheets, etc. can be secured by using suitable packing protective corners.

sanstrap® is extremely elastic, for which reason complex storage operations for items of differing lengths is normally not required. With sanstrap® standard 100 x 1,200mm – our top selling product – you can secure circumferences of approx. 3 to 8m. Thus this stretchband is appropriate for goods on euro pallets as well as those on larger industrial pallets.

As the stretchbands are used for such a wide range of applications, sanstrap® is available in the most varied of sizes and versions, including differing lengths, widths, colours and other properties. Even products made to customer specifications can be ordered. For our aim here at SANPACK is to make your life as easy as possible. And for highly sensitive packaged items, such as electronic components or easily inflammable products, we can offer you sanstrap® elcon, an anti-static material.