Questions & Answers

What kinds of different marking tapes are available?

All of the marking tapes listed here are intended for indoor use. Do you plan to use floormarking in outdoor areas or are you looking for a special solution? Then speak to us directly.

All of our self-adhesive marking tapes are hard-wearing, robust and durable. They can be stuck down quickly and easily, and lifting trucks, fork lift trucks and cleaning equipment can drive over them without any problems.

The special product advantages in the individual ranges are highlighted for you below.

Ideal – This floormarking tape adapts well to uneven surfaces and is available in a large number of colours.

Ultra – The unique aspects of this floormarking tape are its thickness, the angled edges and its extreme resistance to wear and long service life resulting from this.

Extra – This highly robust floormarking tape is extremely wear resistant and has a retro-reflective and anti-slip surface.

Metal – What makes this unique new floormarking so attractive is its extreme resistance to wear, making it especially suitable as a marking for use in forklift truck operations.

Print quality – Thanks to the special production process, our marking tape is scratch and slip resistant and thus suitable for marking off vehicle lanes and work areas. In addition to our wide range of standard products here, we can of course also provide tapes printed with your motifs or logo.

Furthermore, our range of products also include a wide selection of pre-shaped markings for marking off storage and set-down areas, numbers and letters, vehicle, hazard and non-access signs, as well as open and closed label pockets with which you can designate your pallet storage areas directly on the floor, and change accordingly whenever required.